Photograph of chapel facing the alter and podium.

The Holy Cross campus is truly holy ground. Yet, sometimes, there is a need to go to a special place for quiet time and introspection. The new chapel located across from the Guerrieri Family Foundation Lobby, is a wonder to behold and a dream in the making for nearly 50 years.

Chapel´s History

For the first 24 years, the priority of having a grand chapel gave way to the construction needed for patient care. The chapel remained small and nondescript until 1979 when the Holy Cross Chapel underwent its first renovation. The remodeled chapel offered warm colors, soft carpeting and lighting and inspirational stained glass windows.

In October 2001, the chapel moved to its new location. The stained glass windows that graced the previous chapel for 20 years, now line the front of the hospital, promoting Broward County's only Catholic hospital and welcoming all to come and pray.

Mass Schedule

Sunday - Friday at 11:00 a.m.; Rosary at 10:40 a.m.


If you are interested in reconciliation through our chapel, please contact the Spiritual Care Office at 954-351-5871.

Special Seasonal Religious Services

We offer special seasonal religious services for the convenience of our patients and their loved ones. To learn more about them, please contact the Spiritual Care Office at 954-351-5871.