Green Team

Main entrance to Holy Cross Hospital


Recycling Containers: To improve on the recycling process at Holy Cross, Stericycle added additional recycling containers to Associate areas (staff lounge, nursing stations and medication rooms) and educated departments on materials that should be captured with these containers. Holy Cross recycled over 678,000 pounds in 2012.

Call 2 Recycle Program/Batteries Plus: Under the new partnership with Stericycle, Holy Cross Hospital is now capturing Recyclable Batteries and Cell Phones in efforts to keep these materials out of landfills. Over 650 lbs. of rechargeable and lead acid batteries were recycled in 2012 and a recycling day event collected 21 cell phones to be recycled or reused. Holy Cross Hospital is among the more than 30,000 North American businesses and communities that incorporate battery recycling into its environmental initiatives, contributing to a cleaner environment and healthier, safer communities. Also, Batteries Plus, a local vendor for recycling batteries, will start to pickup rechargeable batteries over 11 lbs.

Furniture & Old Equipment: Environmental Services and Plant Operations/Engineering worked with the Salvation Army to donate unwanted furniture instead of sending to the landfill.


Earth Day: Holy Cross and Stericycle invited our Associates and community members to bring their old cell phones to be recycled.

UPW Training: Departmental training on Universal Pharmaceutical Waste in an ongoing effort to be compliant with State and Federal Regulations and to reduce pharmaceutical waste.

Red Bag Reduction: The Operating Room and Emergency Department, two of the biggest generators of regulated medical waste, have received in-service on Red Bag Reduction and have programs in place.

Incinerator Removal: Removal of the incinerator at Holy Cross will begin shortly. Stericycle is in the final stage of pre-construction. Once finalized, the incinerator will be removed for realignment of waste compactors to ensure a safer and easier workflow for Associates.

Reusable Sharps Container: Holy Cross diverted an estimated 62,000+ lbs. of plastic and 4,700+ lbs of cardboard from the landfill in 2012.

Green Team & Green Initiatives

Holy Cross encourages a representative from every department to be present at regularly scheduled Green Team meetings. Our mission is to continuously improve on the recycling within the hospital, identify areas where recycling could be implemented or improved, monitor departments, and suggest new ideas.

Linens: The cost of Linen has increased due to the amount of linen being disposed in the red bags and trash. Associates are educated to place all linen in Blue Linen Bags. This is included in the department education regarding Recycling, UPW and Regulated Medical Waste.

Container Placement: Identify areas/departments that are in need of recycling containers to participate in the Recycling Program (Office Areas, Conference Rooms, etc.).

Green Team Lunch: The Green Team nominates departments to be surveyed for best practices, as it pertains to Recycling and Red Bag Reduction. Departments who pass the survey receive a pizza party.

By the Numbers

678,000 Pounds: Over 678,000 pounds of material was captured in the Recycling Compactor from Holy Cross Hospital in 2012.

650+ Pounds: Over 650 lbs. of rechargeable and lead acid batteries were recycled from Holy Cross in 2012.

7.7%: Holy Cross Hospital’s Regulated Medical Waste is down to 7.7% of its total waste. Holy Cross’ goal is to have 8% or less Regulated Medical Waste out of its total waste.